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Academy at Scientific Conference

Academy at Scientific Conference

The job of science is to serve people » (Lev Tolstoy)

Delegation of OGE Academy took part in “The International G&G Conference and Exhibition: Advanced Exploration and Development Technologies. GeoEurasia – 2020”.

Following challenges and perspectives of petroleum sector development were discussed on the forum site: subsurface management and exploration, foreign service markets, new oil and gas accumulation areas, regional geoscience, geological and economic analysis, seismic, well testing and its interpretation, offshore studies, etc.

In our educational programs you will find all up-to-date concepts and approaches for Oil & Gas industry.

Thank you for your interest to our educational programs!

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March training

March training

We start!

 We begin New Academic Year with well-known and new short courses developed by our trainers:

Applied well test design and analysis (oil)

March, 2-6

Dropped objects prevention system at drilling and downhole facilities

March, 16-18

Subsea production

March, 23-27

Basic Petroleum English

March, 23-27


After course completion you will be awarded with certificate of competence development included in Federal Education Certificates Register. That allows you and your employer check certificates validity in FESR system.

Looking forward to seeing you at our courses!

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The brain needs training too

The brain needs training too

Course announce

Training – a way to get new information and acquire practical skills by intense activity practice allows achieving desired results within a short time.

We suggest you to change the scenery, leave your “shell” and attend our trainings for personal and professional development. Believe us if you want to grow professionally, overcome fears and self-doubt, broaden opportunities and boost revenues you need training!


Training No. 1. Team building and development: effective management of group processes

Every manager faces undisguised or concealed struggle within team. “Finger pointing”, conflicts, competition, opposition as a matter of principle – processes that can lead to full disorder. Destructive working atmosphere results in production decrease, disorganization and qualified personnel losses. Thinking that problems would settle by themselves means being under the illusion. The better Leader is ready for inevitable dynamic of group processes the more likely he will achieve good results considering abilities of all team members.

Training No. 2. Successful international cooperation: features of business communication with foreign partners

What does the famous Chinese smile mean? What can facilitate communication with Arab partner? How start acquaintance with German colleges? What contract execution process in different countries? The training will answer all these and other questions in sphere of intercultural business communication. Course participants will get the opportunity to study features of different business cultures and look at themselves through German, Chinese or Arabic “cultural glasses”.

 Training No. 3. Effective communication and personal growth (based on Schultz von Thun and Riemann-Tomanna models)

When a person comes in contact with other people, he has great opportunities to build successful and mutually satisfying relationships. But at the same time he faces a lot of dangers to ruin these relations. Shades in interpersonal communication are complex and not always distinguishable. Different levels of what is said and heard leads to chronic misunderstanding, which is a potential source of conflict. Training gives ones the opportunity to study modern achievements of European communication phycology, analyze own communicative habits and get practical skills of effective and authentic communication building.


Leading by certified trainer from Germany – Mariya Ransberger (Universität Hamburg, IKUD, Bundesagentur für Arbeit, Universität Bayreuth) you will discover hidden internal resources, master new methods of interaction and management, acquire valuable self-development and promotion skills, as well as receive adequate feedback.


Reshape yourself!

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English for Oil & Gas: workshop

English for Oil & Gas: workshop

Course announce

The course is addressed to managers and specialists of Oil & Gas companies operating at international market. Training program includes:

  • Intensive learning of Petroleum English;
  • In-depth study of terminology;
  • Up-to-date methods of training.


Studying process is based on updated documentation and material analysis in combination with practical cases and verbal communication for reinforcement of learning. By taking 8 hours a day for learning you will improve your level in 5 days.

We provide several course options:

  • For engineers (basic and advanced);
  • For management (basic and advanced).

Training will allow you to broaden your petroleum vocabulary, improve audio perception of English speech and keep professional dialogue with foreign colleges. You’ll be able to share your personal opinion on professional issues, make assumptions and conclusions, write a report or make presentation.

Authenticity and uniqueness of training methodology provide:

  • Plunge into petroleum vocabulary;
  • Practice of language;
  • Updated materials;
  • On-going result monitoring;
  • Interchange of individual and group trainings;
  • Study of useful phrases and remembering without rote learning;
  • Development of listening and speaking skills to spontaneity and automatism level.


Trainer of course Mila Beloslutceva – PhD, translator and teacher with 20 years of experience, participant of International projects such as 7RP, Tempus, Erasmus+. Qualification of trainer is confirmed by certificates: “Case-study Writing”  of Manchester Metropolitan University (Manchester city, Great Britain); E-URAL Training for Russian Researchers, FP7 of the European Commission; Marketing, Management and Self-Financing, International Verband der Deutschen Kultur, GmbH GTZ.

It’s time to speak English!

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Not only gravity is to blame

Not only gravity is to blame

Course announce

Dropped objects – is the most frequent cause of industrial accidents. Both small screw and huge derrick can fall.

Lack of system approach to equipment operation and control can lead to injuries, fatalities, loss of company assets and long downtime for investigation and damage control. Oil and gas companies are aware of the possible consequences of dropped objects, and develop corporate control and preventive policies.

Experience of such companies as KCA Deutag, Halliburton, Schlumberger, Weatherford, Baker Hughes Shell, Sakhalin Energy, Salym Petroleum shows the possibility of development and implementation of effective preventive system which allows to achieve high production results and prevent incidents regardless equipment origin or operation region.

The new course “DROPPED OBJECTS PREVENTION SYSTEM AT DRILLING AND DOWNHOLE FACILITIES” is developed for managers, drilling, well completion and workover engineers, HSE specialists and field supervisors of oilfield service companies.   

During the course you will know:

  • Causes of dropped objects. World statistic. Forbidden equipment and practice. How calculate the potential of dropped object.
  • Fastening technologies, functional principle and inspection technics. General rules for equipment safety use.
  • Equipment maintenance. Methodology for equipment inspection. Illustrated instructions. Third parties’ equipment.
  • Working at height and equipment utilization. Pre- and post-operation check. Equipment control at height. Staff fixing.
  • High-risk areas in logistic and handling activities. Dunnage. Formation of effective communication lines.  The best practices of operation with cargo.
  • Dangerous factors at working with tubes. Pre-operation checks. Planning and equipment requirements.
  • Work with equipment while drilling and downhole activities. Setting of temporary and permanent facilities. Dealing with third parties’ equipment. Equipment inspection after unscheduled events and modification of terms. Work with drawworks.
  • Zoning of sites and its supervision. Effective control (selection of blocks) for different sites. Multiple operations control.

Course consists of theoretical readings and practical tasks that allow reinforcing gain knowledge through simulation and game. Acquired skills and knowledge based on studying of the best world practices are universal for development of corporate dropped object prevention system. All information on personnel management and technological safety meets Russian Law requirements and international standards.

Trainer of the course – Andrey Grigoriev - chief specialist of Academy, expert in petroleum company management and technogenic safety with 12 years’ experience in oil and gas companies such as Rosneft, Surgutneftegas, Salym Petroleum.

Personal achievements – realization of DROPS programs, “Work at height”, “Fire line”, Hands Free, HSE Case, Well Control, implementation of “Safe production culture” at Salym project, personal professional trainings (IWCF, NEBOSH, HAZID, DROPS Training, internal ISO 45001 audit).

Learn to ensure sustainability!

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Consulting creative form of business training

Consulting creative form of business training

The one knowing what is profitable is wise!

Experts of OGE Academy continue working on up-to-date form of business training mobile consulting meetings with managers and specialists of petroleum companies aimed to discussion of improvement of business management issues.

This time meeting with representatives of oil and gas company was held on December 9-11 in Sochi city. The topic of meeting Well completion: the best world practices and foreign companies experience.

Participants discussed current aspects influencing rise in the efficiency of production and service companies:
- cases and advantages of horizontal and multihole wells use in certain geological conditions for particular oil-recovery and exploration methods;
- production forecast methods for horizontal and multihole wells considering inflow into well;
- well logging features, continuous monitoring and analysis of horizontal and multihole wells operation;
- methods of engineering support for run-in-hole operation to complex wells and others.

Consultancy program was developed by company request considering its operation specific and interests. As a result of active discussion original solutions of operating objectives were developed.

Would appreciate providing exclusive expertise and personnel training for you!

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Happy upcoming New 2020 Academic Year!

Dear friends,

Its time to get ready for new academic year!

Especially for you we developed Training Schedule for 2020.

We suggest you educational programs for professional development in the following sectors of oil and gas industry:

1. Offshore oil and gas engineering

2. Geology and petrophysics

3. Reservoir engineering

4. Production technology

5. Enhanced recovery

6. Oil processing and transport

7. HSE

8. Drilling

9. Business development.Personal growth

Training programs are not limited to the above. We are ready to develop special unique program per your request. Our trainers enthusiastically work with new challenges and complicated tasks from Russian and international oil and gas practice.

By the way the minimum winter daytime temperature in Sochi is +10C and from April it’s expected to be +15C.

There are so many reasons to choose OGE Academy!

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Welcome our THREE-THOUSANDTH student!

So far so good

In the run-up to the New Year and Christmas we are glad to inform our friends, partners, colleagues and students that within 8 years of operation weve trained 3000 oil and gas specialists.

The three-thousandth student Roman Nabokin - Chief drilling engineer of LUKOIL-Nizhnevolzhslneft LLC. As a Christmas gift our anniversary student was awarded by certificate for 20% discount for foregoing courses. Hope it will facilitate his personal and professional growth.

Wish you all incredible good luck and hope your wishes come true in the New Year!

Our courses available in Brazil

Oilteam Training

goes to Latin America

Oilteam Training is proud to have partnered with Brazil-based Talita Scarcela Maritime Training & Consultancy, a company that provides services in the marine, and offshore industries. These services include training, inspections, general consultancy, and the advice and support for clients engaged with maritime related projects. We are excited about the opportunity to extend our presence to Latin America and look forward to working with Talita Scarcela MTC to the benefit of both our companies.

The list of courses we offer in Brazil is available on Talita Scarcela MTC website.