Training Schedule 2020 (updated 28.05.20) is available for download here.

Preliminary training schedule 2021 is available for download here.

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Ready for 2021

Ready for 2021

Lets grab the bull by the horns

«Let’s grab the bull by the horns»

Embolismic 2020 year turned out to be difficult for all of us. During its first half we’ve realized all predictions including efforts, determination and need for full mobilization.

We’d like to hope for the smooth and productive following year of White Metal Bull. According to UN resolution 2021 is the year of creative economy for sustainable development, the year of fruits and vegetables, the year of peace and belief.

OGE Academy prepared for you preliminary training schedule for 2021 and will continue to update it with new courses and training programs.

Let’s wish the next year be more favorable for all of us, and our companies – be fast-growth reliable partners.

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June courses

June courses

June is the gateway to summer

The sphere of supplementary education is recovering together with quarantine loosening measures. And we are hopeful for stable work in traditional face-to-face form.

In first summer month we provide 8 training programs:

Applied well test design and analysis (gas)

June, 1-5

Applied well test design and analysis (oil)

June, 1-5

Horizontal and multilateral wells. Well completion. Smart wells

June, 1-5

Effective communication: maximum communication tactics (training)

June, 15 –17

Stress management: individual action plan

June, 18 – 20

Personal effectiveness: planning and self-motivation (training)

June, 22 – 24

Multidisciplinary approach to reservoir simulation

June, 29 – July, 3

Reservoir simulation: practical aspects

June, 29 – July, 3

Month of summer solstice and goddess of fertility Unona will assist in health recovery and improvement with local fruits and berries such as strawberries, raspberries, cherries, plums, medlars, mulberries, apricots and peaches.

Great opportunity to mix business with pleasure and delicacies!

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Reservoir simulation: practical aspects

Reservoir simulation: practical aspects

Course announce

Course “Reservoir simulation: practical aspects” can be interesting for both young specialists who only start work with filtration models and experienced engineers.

Course program covers well-known issues for engineers in sphere of reservoir simulation:

  • Structural net and mesh dimension selection, as well as extra options application (downscaled patches, etc.). What kind of issues can occur and how to act?
  • Void model selection. Is a multiple (double) area model the only possibility to describe fractured reservoirs’ processes?
  • Hydrocarbon physical model setting. When to use “black oil” model instead of complex compositional model? What the features of “live” and “dead” oil, dry and wet gas model?
  • The choice of initial conditions setting method.  Consequences of  inequilibrium and equilibrium initialization. What is the difference between oil-water contact and free water mirror? Features of j-function calculation and application.
  • The choice of boundary conditions setting method. Analytical and numerical models of aquifer. What the features of sectorial modeling?

Students study principles and methods of models adaptation since model setting to real data and development history is mandatory stage of simulation.

For better understanding of what model parameters and how influence model behavior course provide explanation of flow between nodes and inflow from node to well calculation mechanisms. The impact of capillary pressure and wettability in modeling are provided.

The trainer and author of the program is Sergey Kurelenkov – graduate and active trainer of Heriot-Watt University with “Reservoir simulation” program. Has more than 15 years’ experience of geological and hydrodynamic modeling. Over the past 4 years he is the head of Design and Simulation department of RUSVIETPETRO Company and is responsible for support of carbonate fields’ constant models.

Get knowledge proved by many years' experience!

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Drilling Fluid Engineering

Drilling Fluid Engineering

Course announce

Firstly use of drilling fluids for oil and gas wells was suggested by French engineer Fowell in 1833. Drilling fluids content is transformed to increase speed and reliability of wells construction and operation according to results of geological cross-section of field.

Relevance of applied technologies is connected with decrease of easily recoverable reserves and operation in difficult subsurface conditions. Complication of wells raises requirements for quality and flushing fluids properties.

Course Drilling Fluid Engineering” includes:

  • theory of use of polydisperse systems as flushing fluids at drilling of oil and gas wells;
  • chemical base of mixing and analysis of drilling fluids, in particular content and functions of drilling fluids, control of parameters;
  • drilling fluids impact on wellbore sustainability, damage, fluid losses, sticking.

Course completion allows to acquire knowledge on types and features of flushing fluid systems chose, and main laboratory tests applied on fields.

You’ll be able to apply acquired knowledge and skills to solve engineering tasks such as:

  • optimize drilling fluid quality by chemical processing and set prescribed physic-chemical and technological properties;
  • understand mechanism of drilling fluids flow and hydrodynamic parameters impact on drilling process;
  • perform accounting on required amount of components for treatment of certain amount of flushing fluid;
  • chose type and content of drilling fluids considering nature and influence of geological and technological factors;
  • apply technological criteria for quality assessment of flushing fluids at oil and gas wells construction.

Acquired knowledge and improved skills allow to construct well more efficiently, decrease drilling costs and significantly increase reservoir productivity.

Author and trainer – Maxim Frolov – Ph.D. in Chemical Sciences, Engineer of Drilling fluids department of Schlumberger company. Experience in petroleum sector – 12 years, including 3 years as trainer in MI SWACO company. Now Maxim is responsible for current project support and new technologies implementation in KhMAD, By the way he has an experience with different systems of drilling fluids, including hydrocarbon basis fluids.

Chemistry – chose of the wise!

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Geological steering

Geological steering

Course announce

Today many fields can be characterized with such parameters as complicated geological structure and low reservoir quality. Directional and horizontal holes are applied for its development. Well productivity, cover of deposits and economic efficiency of drilling depend on geo-steering.

On-line geological steering allows making drilling decisions based on deposit geological structure. Updated geological data increases productive formation development according to stages of its study.

To upgrade your qualification join our short course «Horizontal and directional drilling». Course is developed by Anton Epikhin – operating engineer and professional trainer with more than 10 years’ experience in sphere of directional well construction.

The study is organized in form of lecture and seminar with apply of case studies, brainstorm, TRIZ and tasks for acquiring practical skills.

Acquired abilities:

  • construction features and general principles of telemetric system;
  • technological equipment adaptability for directional wells construction;
  • measurement and data communication principles at well construction;
  • construction and operational principals of technological equipment for directional drilling and telemetric systems sensor.

This course is developed for drilling, well test and workover engineers, geologists, geophysics, supervisors and project managers interested in study of modern technics and telemetric equipment for navigational and geophysical steering and workover.

After course completion you will be able to solve following practice tasks in chose and verification of drilling equipment for directional well construction:

  • to choose telemetric equipment for different geological factors;
  • to design and validate well deviation equipment for different surface conditions;
  • to analyze technical condition of telemetric system at different operational stages;
  • to evaluate well surface conditions and select directional drilling technology.

Course program is developed according to professional standard requirements such as “Oil and gas production, processing and transportation” and educational standard “Applied geology, mining and petroleum engineering, geodesy”.

The course that you deserve!

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Courses in May

Courses in May

Hope for the better

Hope for the better 

Human’s started to apply ultraviolet rays in medicine since XIX century. If believe some spirited forecasts of modern scientists, disinfecting properties of sun light can assist in the fight against coronavirus.

Solar UV-Index in Sochi reaches a high (close to extreme) level in May. Therefore, strict self-isolation regime and sanitary measures at resort and the whole country allow us to hope for work normalization in May.

If quarantine ends in the May holidays, we will be glad to see you at our courses:

Advanced Petroleum English

May, 11–15

Artificial lift

May, 18–22

Deviated well construction

May, 18–21

Advanced reservoir simulation: modern approaches to design, application and assessment

May, 25–29

Modern technics of well testing

May, 25–29

This year our partner – Metallurg Sanatorium located 50 meters from the Academy provides students with the opportunity to receive additional paid services: buffet meals, specialist consultations, health-improving practices, indoor pool with sea water, etc.

The victory is always ours!

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Go to self-isolation

Go to self-isolation

This too shall pass

Dear colleagues, partners and students! Dear friends!

Together with the whole country we’ll stay home next week. Due to modern technologies we’ll keep in touch. Contact us on email or mobile, we promise to answer as soon as possible.

Let’s spend this time with maximum benefit: we’re working on new training programs and online courses materials. If you have any ideas or wishes don’t hesitate to contact us.

Please, reveal your social liability – stay home. Think about your relatives and friends health.

See you soon!

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Online training: our response to Covid-19

Online training: our response to Covid-19

The greatest wealth is health

Dear friends,

Due to preventive measures for COVID19 in Russia we are ready to organize online trainings.

In case among our students there are people whose Company has temporary restrictions for trips, or who afraid of travelling, we can provide distant short courses.

We guarantee the quality of online training will be the same as our customers used to. Tools of distant training - Academy training web portal and various assistive technologies.

Stay healthy, cheerful and spirited!

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PVT analysis

PVT analysis

Course announce

Five-day short course includes basic theory of PVT analysis, case studies and practice. The program is designed to sequentially guide students from basic knowledge to more complicated terms and concepts.

In process of training you will find out details of reservoir fluid sampling process, study features of lab testing, basis of primary data analysis and will be able to prove fluid properties at State Reserves Committee and Central Development Commission of Russian Federation.

What is the purpose of "Slim tube" work and what the reasons for different bubble-point pressure of reservoir fluid and formation pressure at gas-liquid contact? What is the difference between flocculation and retrograde condensation? Why "compressibility" is not a synonym for supercompressibility factor?

Answers to these and other questions you can find at our course.

You will get the opportunity to implement the responsibilities of PVT specialist, reservoir fluid simulation engineer and reserves assessment specialist as well as learn up-to-date technics of data analysis. Acquired and developed skills will facilitate further professional growth.

Author of course - Pavel Guzhikov – an expert with 23-years’ experience of analysis, approval and simulation of reservoir fluids properties in a range from heavy and volatile oil to near-critical fluids and gas-condensate at fields of Western and Eastern Siberia, Sakhalin, Orenburg and Saratov region, sidewall of Peri-Caspian Depression, Kazakhstan, Venezuela and Iran. By the way Pavel has an experience in database and fluid analysis module development.

Register for our September workshop!

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How to defend yourself from forgery?

How to defend yourself from forgery?

Intelligence is not in diplomas and certificates,but in correctly made decisions

«Intelligence is not in diplomas and certificates,but in correctly made decisions»

Specialists and employers are interested in validity of professional education certificates. Today when there are a number of educational organizations of various types and forms of ownership on the market, we should be careful in making chose and check not only license.

According to law educational institutions have to upload information on all issued diplomas and certificates to Federal Education Certificates Register (FECR) since 2013.

The main idea of FECR is elimination of corruption and circulation of forged documents in education sphere. FECR gives employers the opportunity to check the validity of employee or candidate diplomas.

Confidentiality is insured by multilevel encryption during data acquisition and impossibility to get information without accurate educational certificate details.

Firstly registration was mandatory only for higher and secondary professional education certificates. But since 2019 all additional professional education organizations have to register issued certificates and diplomas.

OGE Academy registers all educational documents in database on a regular basis providing public with verifiable information on its activity. This way we provide additional protection of education quality.

Have you checked your diploma?

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Oil & gas well testing design and analysis

Oil & gas well testing design and analysis

Course announce

Hydrocarbon reserves become more and more difficult to recover. Petroleum companies develop deposits with complex G&G parameters: low permeability, contact zone, complicated geological structure. Complication of fields and deposits leads to well test methodology development.

Academy training programs are designed for well test, reservoir, model and well intervention engineers.

Our educational programs allow to organize knowledge and better understand the applicability of different oil (basic and advanced) and gas (basic and advanced) well testing, results validity and its application methods.

After study completion you will be able:

- to improve the quality of well testing, information support, immediate supervision of field development;

- to reduce costs of sampling and analyses with use of Saphir (KAPPA) / PanSystem (Weatherford) software for oil and gas fields modeling.

Courses have practical focus and examples of modern well test technologies application at fields from all over the world.

Trainer - Vladimir Krichevsky – graduate of Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas, experienced in automation of data processing with application of digital intelligence methodology. Expert in field development control with many years' experience in scientific center of Petroleum Company.

Vladimir Krichevsky is a head of well testing department of international service company  Sofoil, and is responsible for introduction of new technologies of well testing and its interpretation. He is the author of a number of scientific articles devoted to field development control as well as participant of conferences and forums.

Don’t miss courses in June (basic level), August and October (advanced level)!

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Academy in Egypt: expanding horizons

Academy in Egypt: expanding horizons

Academy in Egypt: expanding horizons

OGE Academy as a part of OILTEAM Company delegation took part in annual petroleum exhibition EGYPS 2020. This year company exposition attracts attention with technological know-how and innovative engineering solutions.

Visitors could get acquainted with the innovative technologies and typical solutions of OILTEAM Company for early production, exploration and well testing, as well as with new training programs of personal and professional development.

OILTEAM Company realizes a range of large-scale projects on Egyptian market, including ones in professional education sphere. Look forward to the first Academy courses in Egypt!

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April courses

April courses

Apricus warmed by the sun (lat.)

We’d be glad to see you at our short-term advanced training courses on personal and professional development in April 2020:

Team building and development: effective management of group processes

April, 6–10

Successful international cooperation: features of business communication with foreign partners

April, 12–16

Effective Reservoir Management

April, 13–17

Business assessment and decision making

April, 20–24

Horizontal directional drilling

April, 27–30


Our trainers are petroleum experts with many years' experience. This year we updated all educational programs according to relevant trends of the industry.

Considering the wishes of our students we suggest interesting leisure time activities with support of our partner – reliable sightseeing company.

Welcome to spring Sochi!

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March training

March training

We start!

 We begin New Academic Year with well-known and new short courses developed by our trainers:

Applied well test design and analysis (oil)

March, 2-6

Dropped objects prevention system at drilling and downhole facilities

March, 16-18

Subsea production

March, 23-27

Basic Petroleum English

March, 23-27


After course completion you will be awarded with certificate of competence development included in Federal Education Certificates Register. That allows you and your employer check certificates validity in FESR system.

Looking forward to seeing you at our courses!

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Triggers, procrastination, pecha-kucha and even more

Triggers, procrastination, pecha-kucha and even more

We know what we are, but not what we may be (W. Shakespeare)

Developing the ideas of famous English play-writer OGE Academy provides training courses to assist you in recognition and application of your latent opportunities.



Communication seems to be so easy, we communicate with different people every day. But why is the fear of public speaking still one of the most popular? During the training you will learn more about communication nature and its effectiveness; try various types of public speech and set up a personal communication skills development program under the supervision of experienced trainer.



What does it mean “to be effective”? Singletasking or multitasking? How to find internal resources? How to concentrate on the main issue? How to focus on result not melting in the process? Why self-management and self-motivation are necessary? What planning tools are more effective? Procrastination: is it good or bad? You will receive answers to these and many other questions during the training.



Pessimism, antipathy to any communication, lack of pleasure, insomnia, sleepiness, forgetfulness, chronic fatigue, irritation, soreness, nervousness, apathy, stress… If some of these issues look familiar for you it is highly likely that you are on the way to professional burnout. This training is dedicated to such questions as how to keep oneself under stress and not allow negative operational or personal factors to start burnout process. You will be able to define your triggers and ways of using it, acquire methodology and tools for stress factors resistance.


The author and provider of course Zykova I.U. has 15 years’ experience in major Russian companies and governmental institutions (Russian Railway, Sberbank, Rosneft, SEZ ALABUGA, Aljans, Rosatom Corporation etc.).


Trainer personality, regular training (Erickson International, Equator Trainings, Exect business training, ECOPSI Consulting, SHL Business Psychologist, PM Expert, MSUFA) and absorption in process guarantee positive result as well as personal and professional growth.


Are you ready to act?

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Academy at Scientific Conference

Academy at Scientific Conference

The job of science is to serve people » (Lev Tolstoy)

Delegation of OGE Academy took part in “The International G&G Conference and Exhibition: Advanced Exploration and Development Technologies. GeoEurasia – 2020”.

Following challenges and perspectives of petroleum sector development were discussed on the forum site: subsurface management and exploration, foreign service markets, new oil and gas accumulation areas, regional geoscience, geological and economic analysis, seismic, well testing and its interpretation, offshore studies, etc.

In our educational programs you will find all up-to-date concepts and approaches for Oil & Gas industry.

Thank you for your interest to our educational programs!

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The brain needs training too

The brain needs training too

Course announce

Training – a way to get new information and acquire practical skills by intense activity practice allows achieving desired results within a short time.

We suggest you to change the scenery, leave your “shell” and attend our trainings for personal and professional development. Believe us if you want to grow professionally, overcome fears and self-doubt, broaden opportunities and boost revenues you need training!


Training No. 1. Team building and development: effective management of group processes

Every manager faces undisguised or concealed struggle within team. “Finger pointing”, conflicts, competition, opposition as a matter of principle – processes that can lead to full disorder. Destructive working atmosphere results in production decrease, disorganization and qualified personnel losses. Thinking that problems would settle by themselves means being under the illusion. The better Leader is ready for inevitable dynamic of group processes the more likely he will achieve good results considering abilities of all team members.

Training No. 2. Successful international cooperation: features of business communication with foreign partners

What does the famous Chinese smile mean? What can facilitate communication with Arab partner? How start acquaintance with German colleges? What contract execution process in different countries? The training will answer all these and other questions in sphere of intercultural business communication. Course participants will get the opportunity to study features of different business cultures and look at themselves through German, Chinese or Arabic “cultural glasses”.

 Training No. 3. Effective communication and personal growth (based on Schultz von Thun and Riemann-Tomanna models)

When a person comes in contact with other people, he has great opportunities to build successful and mutually satisfying relationships. But at the same time he faces a lot of dangers to ruin these relations. Shades in interpersonal communication are complex and not always distinguishable. Different levels of what is said and heard leads to chronic misunderstanding, which is a potential source of conflict. Training gives ones the opportunity to study modern achievements of European communication phycology, analyze own communicative habits and get practical skills of effective and authentic communication building.


Leading by certified trainer from Germany – Mariya Ransberger (Universität Hamburg, IKUD, Bundesagentur für Arbeit, Universität Bayreuth) you will discover hidden internal resources, master new methods of interaction and management, acquire valuable self-development and promotion skills, as well as receive adequate feedback.


Reshape yourself!

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English for Oil & Gas: workshop

English for Oil & Gas: workshop

Course announce

The course is addressed to managers and specialists of Oil & Gas companies operating at international market. Training program includes:

  • Intensive learning of Petroleum English;
  • In-depth study of terminology;
  • Up-to-date methods of training.


Studying process is based on updated documentation and material analysis in combination with practical cases and verbal communication for reinforcement of learning. By taking 8 hours a day for learning you will improve your level in 5 days.

We provide several course options:

  • For engineers (basic and advanced);
  • For management (basic and advanced).

Training will allow you to broaden your petroleum vocabulary, improve audio perception of English speech and keep professional dialogue with foreign colleges. You’ll be able to share your personal opinion on professional issues, make assumptions and conclusions, write a report or make presentation.

Authenticity and uniqueness of training methodology provide:

  • Plunge into petroleum vocabulary;
  • Practice of language;
  • Updated materials;
  • On-going result monitoring;
  • Interchange of individual and group trainings;
  • Study of useful phrases and remembering without rote learning;
  • Development of listening and speaking skills to spontaneity and automatism level.


Trainer of course Mila Beloslutceva – PhD, translator and teacher with 20 years of experience, participant of International projects such as 7RP, Tempus, Erasmus+. Qualification of trainer is confirmed by certificates: “Case-study Writing”  of Manchester Metropolitan University (Manchester city, Great Britain); E-URAL Training for Russian Researchers, FP7 of the European Commission; Marketing, Management and Self-Financing, International Verband der Deutschen Kultur, GmbH GTZ.

It’s time to speak English!

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Not only gravity is to blame

Not only gravity is to blame

Course announce

Dropped objects – is the most frequent cause of industrial accidents. Both small screw and huge derrick can fall.

Lack of system approach to equipment operation and control can lead to injuries, fatalities, loss of company assets and long downtime for investigation and damage control. Oil and gas companies are aware of the possible consequences of dropped objects, and develop corporate control and preventive policies.

Experience of such companies as KCA Deutag, Halliburton, Schlumberger, Weatherford, Baker Hughes Shell, Sakhalin Energy, Salym Petroleum shows the possibility of development and implementation of effective preventive system which allows to achieve high production results and prevent incidents regardless equipment origin or operation region.

The new course “DROPPED OBJECTS PREVENTION SYSTEM AT DRILLING AND DOWNHOLE FACILITIES” is developed for managers, drilling, well completion and workover engineers, HSE specialists and field supervisors of oilfield service companies.   

During the course you will know:

  • Causes of dropped objects. World statistic. Forbidden equipment and practice. How calculate the potential of dropped object.
  • Fastening technologies, functional principle and inspection technics. General rules for equipment safety use.
  • Equipment maintenance. Methodology for equipment inspection. Illustrated instructions. Third parties’ equipment.
  • Working at height and equipment utilization. Pre- and post-operation check. Equipment control at height. Staff fixing.
  • High-risk areas in logistic and handling activities. Dunnage. Formation of effective communication lines.  The best practices of operation with cargo.
  • Dangerous factors at working with tubes. Pre-operation checks. Planning and equipment requirements.
  • Work with equipment while drilling and downhole activities. Setting of temporary and permanent facilities. Dealing with third parties’ equipment. Equipment inspection after unscheduled events and modification of terms. Work with drawworks.
  • Zoning of sites and its supervision. Effective control (selection of blocks) for different sites. Multiple operations control.

Course consists of theoretical readings and practical tasks that allow reinforcing gain knowledge through simulation and game. Acquired skills and knowledge based on studying of the best world practices are universal for development of corporate dropped object prevention system. All information on personnel management and technological safety meets Russian Law requirements and international standards.

Trainer of the course – Andrey Grigoriev - chief specialist of Academy, expert in petroleum company management and technogenic safety with 12 years’ experience in oil and gas companies such as Rosneft, Surgutneftegas, Salym Petroleum.

Personal achievements – realization of DROPS programs, “Work at height”, “Fire line”, Hands Free, HSE Case, Well Control, implementation of “Safe production culture” at Salym project, personal professional trainings (IWCF, NEBOSH, HAZID, DROPS Training, internal ISO 45001 audit).

Learn to ensure sustainability!

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Consulting creative form of business training

Consulting creative form of business training

The one knowing what is profitable is wise!

Experts of OGE Academy continue working on up-to-date form of business training mobile consulting meetings with managers and specialists of petroleum companies aimed to discussion of improvement of business management issues.

This time meeting with representatives of oil and gas company was held on December 9-11 in Sochi city. The topic of meeting Well completion: the best world practices and foreign companies experience.

Participants discussed current aspects influencing rise in the efficiency of production and service companies:
- cases and advantages of horizontal and multihole wells use in certain geological conditions for particular oil-recovery and exploration methods;
- production forecast methods for horizontal and multihole wells considering inflow into well;
- well logging features, continuous monitoring and analysis of horizontal and multihole wells operation;
- methods of engineering support for run-in-hole operation to complex wells and others.

Consultancy program was developed by company request considering its operation specific and interests. As a result of active discussion original solutions of operating objectives were developed.

Would appreciate providing exclusive expertise and personnel training for you!

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Happy upcoming New 2020 Academic Year!

Dear friends,

Its time to get ready for new academic year!

Especially for you we developed Training Schedule for 2020.

We suggest you educational programs for professional development in the following sectors of oil and gas industry:

1. Offshore oil and gas engineering

2. Geology and petrophysics

3. Reservoir engineering

4. Production technology

5. Enhanced recovery

6. Oil processing and transport

7. HSE

8. Drilling

9. Business development.Personal growth

Training programs are not limited to the above. We are ready to develop special unique program per your request. Our trainers enthusiastically work with new challenges and complicated tasks from Russian and international oil and gas practice.

By the way the minimum winter daytime temperature in Sochi is +10C and from April it’s expected to be +15C.

There are so many reasons to choose OGE Academy!

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Welcome our THREE-THOUSANDTH student!

So far so good

In the run-up to the New Year and Christmas we are glad to inform our friends, partners, colleagues and students that within 8 years of operation weve trained 3000 oil and gas specialists.

The three-thousandth student Roman Nabokin - Chief drilling engineer of LUKOIL-Nizhnevolzhslneft LLC. As a Christmas gift our anniversary student was awarded by certificate for 20% discount for foregoing courses. Hope it will facilitate his personal and professional growth.

Wish you all incredible good luck and hope your wishes come true in the New Year!

Our courses available in Brazil

Oilteam Training

goes to Latin America

Oilteam Training is proud to have partnered with Brazil-based Talita Scarcela Maritime Training & Consultancy, a company that provides services in the marine, and offshore industries. These services include training, inspections, general consultancy, and the advice and support for clients engaged with maritime related projects. We are excited about the opportunity to extend our presence to Latin America and look forward to working with Talita Scarcela MTC to the benefit of both our companies.

The list of courses we offer in Brazil is available on Talita Scarcela MTC website.