Preliminary training schedule 2021 (updated 24.11.20) is available for download here.

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Specialist training in October


 «As long as you live, keep learning…» Seneca

October is traditionally a month of gold autumn, weddings, colorful leaf fall and birds’ migration, heavy rains and first frost. We suggest our listeners not to prepare for winter sleep but to follow wise birds on their way to the south to become more competitive in the labour market according to Life-long Learning principles.

The world is changing, new visions and approaches appear, and what you studied a few years ago is going out of date. That’s why we provide the relevant courses for petroleum engineering in the IV quarter of 2020:

Basic Excel practical training for oil and gas professionals

September, 28 – October, 2

Offshore oil and gas facilities

September, 28 – October, 2

Advanced well log interpretation

October, 5 – 9

Applied well test design and analysis (gas)

October, 5 – 9

Advanced well test design and analysis (oil)

October, 5 – 9

Business assessment and decision making (online training)

October, 5 – 9

Basic Petroleum English

October, 12 – 16

Oil and gas production for non-specialists (online training)

October, 12 – 14

Effective Reservoir Management

October, 15 – 19

Advanced Petroleum English

October, 19 - 23

Advanced reservoir simulation: modern approaches to design, application and assessment

October, 19 - 23

Model control: part 1 - reservoir modeling

October, 19 - 23

Gas condensate study

October, 26 - 29

Offshore drilling (online training)

October, 26 - 30

Reservoir simulation: practical aspects

October, 26 - 30

The Life-long Learning concept is a leading trend in professional education for more than 60 years, supported by governments under the patronage of UNESCO.

The lifetime is not enough to master all professional development trainings of OGE Academy!