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The first advanced training course “Mobile Field Facilities Operation” was held on November 15-17, 2023. The training program is developed by OILTEAM specialists experienced in design, fabrication, operation and maintenance of mobile early production facilities. Trainings are conducted by 10 company’s best experts and include detailed discussion of facilities operation taking into account various facility’s modifications.

E-learning mode with modern teaching methods allows students to master innovative technologies and acquire new knowledge including:

  • Performance of technological processes in view of mobile units features;
  • Monitoring and control of block-modules technological processes in manual and  automatic modes;
  • Analytical control, results processing and decision-making to change the process;
  • Decision making on further process management (changing) in case of one module’s failure;
  • Understanding the relationship between mobile unit’s block-modules;
  • Process parameters prediction after changing one or several modules’ parameters;
  • Fluent work with Automation Process Control System and Emergency Shut-Down System;
  • Safe operation during units’ maintenance.

The course is specifically designed for petroleum specialists involved in mobile (modular) process units operation (non-capital construction).